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Old traditions. Fresh flavors. StillWest.

We craft our beers with patience —  optimal fermentation space offers our lagers the proper conditioning time and our sours time to develop their dynamic complexity.

We craft our beers with purpose — a dedication to regional ingredients, true-to-style recipes and processes, and compelling experimental ales.

StillWest Brewery & Grill crafts its ales and lagers on a 10 barrel brewhouse with seven fermentation tanks and 10 serving tanks. Flowing into StillWest’s tasting room year-round are flagship beers that include a Pilsner, Mexican Lager, Hefeweizen, Red Ale, & Hazy IPA. Our remaining five taps will rotate often with seasonal beers, so there will always be something fresh and new to try when you stop in.

StillWest Beers - Brewed in-house

~ Easy Drinkin' ~

Una Más - Mexican Lager • 5.0% ABV • $7 • Our staff at StillWest loves a good Mexican Lager…so we brewed our own. Our light and crisp interpretation is brewed with malted barley and flaked maize with aromas of orange blossom and your favorite beach. StillWest Mexican Lager will leave you wanting another and another.

Triple Trouble - Whole Leaf Lager • 4.8% ABV • $8 • In collaboration with Melvin and Roadhouse Brewing. A light lager that uses whole leaf Adeena hops, as well as, a sprinkle of Hallertau Blanc as a dry hop that makes a beer that is light, crisp, and floral. If you, wanna know the real deal about the three. Well, let me tell you we’re triple trouble ya’ll. We’re gonna bring you up to speed (check it out). 

These Boots Were Made For Brewing - Helles Lager • 5.0% ABV • $7 • For all the hard working women out there we made this beer for you! Brewed with the Wyoming chapter of the Pink Boots Society which is aims to assist, inspire, and encourage women in the brewing industry. A light German style lager that uses whole leaf Adeena and Zumo hops to give a delightful floral and citrus flavor. One of these day these (Pink) boots are gonna walk all over you. 

May The Pils Be With You - Pilsner • 5.5% ABV • $7 • This pilsner has notes of toasted biscuit and earthy tones from noble hops. Perfect for those cantina discussions of “who shot first?”. The Pils is strong with this one. 

~ Wheat ~

Yoshimi - Yuzu and Matcha Hefeweizen • 5.4% ABV • $8 • *CONTAINS CAFFEINE* Our Collaboration with Stormpeak Brewery based out of Steamboat Springs, CO. An American style Hefeweizen that uses wheat malt, yuzu puree, and matcha powder to create a full body beer with complex citrus flavors. It will help defeat those evil-natured robots.

~ Hoppy ~

Patrol Pale - Pale Ale • 6.0% ABV • $8 • Raise a glass to all the hard working ski patrollers out there! A refreshingly balanced pale ale that hits you like a fresh face shot with notes of grapefruit, candied fruit, and pine. A dollar from every pint sold is donated to the Snow King Ski Patrollers.

Cosmic Nebula - Hazy IPA • 7.2% ABV • $8 • This hazy IPA has a generous amount of Strata and Eclipse hops that give this beer a supernova explosion of passion fruit, peach, and grapefruit. A soft and pillowy mouthfeel will make your taste buds seem like they are floating in zero gravity.

~ Malty ~

Me & My Dunkel - German-Style Amber Lager • 5.2% ABV • $8 • A crisp and clean lager with a gorgeous amber hue. A light drinker with notes of toffee, caramel, and toasted bread. I know my Dunkel, he’s as honest as me. Hey now, I’m as honest as a Jackson man can be, that’s right!

Scarlet Begonias - Red Ale • 5.8% ABV • $7 • Malt forward with rich caramel and biscuit flavors makes this ale perfect for drinking in not a chill to the Winter but a nip to the air. She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls, I knew right away she was not like other beers.

Cz-Czech It Out - Dark Czech Lager • 6.5% ABV • $8 • All you Trekkies and TV addicts…a beer that don’t mean to diss, don’t mean to bring static. Notes of dried fruit, nuts, cocoa, and sweet maltiness. 100% Czech Saaz hops brings some depth and bitterness to this traditional dark lager, served in a 0.5L stein. So check-ch-check-check-check-ch-Czech it out!

Brudder Bought A Coconut - Coconut Vanilla Porter • 6.0% ABV • $8 • *CONTAINS COCONUT* Put de beer in de coconut, you drink ‘em bot’ up! This porter has house toasted coconut and vanilla beans to make a rich and delightful flavor. Chocolate and roasted notes comes from the dark malts in this beer.

Guest Cider

Highpoint Cider • 6.0% ABV • A session cider, infused with ginger, quickly gives a kick while maintaining a clean, crisp finish. Locally brewed in Victor, Idaho.